Hatchback uses travel patterns to deliver targeted and relevant adds to mobile users. We were tasked with designing an ad delivery platform and a themable mobile app sdk. I was responsible for the UI design of both the ad delivery platform and mobile SDK.

Ad Delivery Platform

I worked collaboratively with Experience Designer Heather Nero throughout the project.

High fidelity wireframes.


Campaign Listings.

Campaign Creation

Company Management

Custom Iconography

Mobile SDK

Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes

Screens from left to right: Offer Listings, Offer Detail, Claim Offer

Design System

Roles: Interface Design, Mobile SDK Design, UX
Agency: Andculture

Heather Nero (UX Strategist)
Evan Keller (Technical Architect)
Phil Hess (Engineer)
Shane Shearer (Engineer)